Sunday, October 26, 2008

Aksel's Got a Brand New Friend!

Annika and I have some dear friends, Jay and Betsy. They're cool and hip, and we have an ubergood time when we're all together. Luckily for us, they must not get tired of us because in the baseball off-season (mostly winter), we get together all the time. Maybe they get sick of me, but I still have a great time with them.

Nearly two years ago, Jay and Betsy had a son, Mathis. Now with all due respect to Jay and Betsy, Mathis is one cool guy. He and I have many of the same interests- dogs, soccer, and food! I watch over him from time to time when Betsy and Annika are off and Jay is busy, and we have good times together.

Mathis and Aksel got to interact a little bit this past weekend, and Mathis acted like a mature little guy- he was gentle, intrigued, and eager to hold Aksel. We can only hope we can rear such a bundle of fun!


Sarah said...

Two studs in the making. :)

Amy and Andrew said...

I second that.