Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Is This the Real Life, or Is This Just Fantasy?

Aksel's had a charmed existence thus far; each weekend of his life, he's had visitors traveling from far and wide to come see him, hold him, and ogle his every move.

This weekend, Annika's sister, Jessica, had a belated wedding reception in Jamestown for the family that could not make it to her Chicago wedding. Joining her were her husband, Ryan, as well as Aksel's aunt Erica. Even Slater and Meriam had company, as cousin Cody joined them on their journey.

As always, we loved having the visitors!

We've been trying to prepare the little guy to let him know that it will just be us this weekend, but maybe there's someone around that will find some time to keep him company.


Amy and Andrew said...

Wish we could come see him this weekend!

Laura said...

I love the new pictures! It looks like Miss Meriam Louise will take good care of him until Thanksgiving.

pat said...

Meriam is really a great pal. Love all the pics!